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Differential Repair Melbourne– Differential reconditioning & modifications hoppers crossing – ratio change, limited slip upgrades, truetrac

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Transmission Dynotech is the one stop shop for Differential Repairs in Melbourne. A differential is a device used to divide the engine torque and allow each to rotate at different speeds. There are different types of Differentials which include front-wheel-drive differentials, rear-wheel-drive differentials and all-wheel-drive differentials.

We have a professional team of mechanics who have the knowledge about different types of differential repairs. As differential Repairs is a complex task believe in us and we ensure the perfect and long lasting service to you. Our shop is equipped with the right kind of tools including specific gear and bearing pullers, calipers, micrometers, rubber mallet, sledgehammer, pry bar and a complete set of socket wrenches.
We follow the following steps for a differential repair:

  • We drain off the oil completely from the differential
  • We disconnect the drive shaft and remove the differential cover and axles
  • If needed we also remove carrier caps, ring or pinion bearings using a bearing puller
  • We carefully inspect each and every part which includes gears, bearings and seals and replace the worn or chipped parts
  • At last, we carefully put all the parts together and bring it back to its original position

The mechanics at TransmissionDyno Tech can accurately diagnose and quickly fix differential repairs in Melbourne, saving customers time and money.

Call us or visit us for the best and affordable differential repairs in Melbourne.