Engine rebuild service

Performance of your vehicle directly depends upon the performance of your engine.

Our team of expert mechanics provides you engine rebuilding service to re-energize your engine for the sterling performance.

By complying with the industry’s   specifications, we replace substandard parts of the engine with the OEM parts.

Before starting reassembly and on-site dynamometer checking, we remove the all external parts including engine assembly, Cylinder heads, and oil pan.

We rigorously check each part of the engine and fine-tune each engine part of the engine. We always use the best kits.


During the entire rebuilding process, we make sure that the Torque, Engine Calibration, and Power of your engine remain in the peak position.

After finishing all necessary machining (Engine block machining and Crankshaft machining), we conduct bench testing, final mechanical test, and road test to assess the performance of your reassemble engine.

In the final check, we ensure that your engine is dialled in and ready to run condition without any leakage.

We address all your concerns regarding your newly re-manufactured engine including the timing of first oil change.

As per your need, we provide both limited and unlimited Mileage warranty

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Engine Rebuild Service