Fuel Injection & Diesel Engine

Diesel engine 

Do you wish to avail the best diesel mechanical or electrical services in Victoria?

We offer you a complete range of diesel repairs and maintenance service.

By using the latest know-how and touching all diesel mechanical and electrical applications, our trained mechanics diagnose ECU’s, injectors and pumps.

Based on the diagnostic test, our experienced mechanics replace the damaged motor components with the original OEM parts and put your vehicle back in a running position.

Our Diesel Repair Services Include:

  • Diesel Fuel Injection
  • Mechanical & Electronic Diagnostics & Repair
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Engine Repairs and Rebuilds
  • Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Regas & Repairs
  • Auto Electrical Repairs and Installations
  • Suspension Repairs

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Fuel Injection & Diesel Engine

Fuel Injection

If you wish that your vehicle give you peak performance with fuel efficiency and safety, you make sure that your vehicle engine must be efficient.

And the efficiency of your engine directly hinges on the efficiency of fuel injectors.

By releasing the requisite amount of fuel (diesel/petrol) to the cylinder Fuel injector makes sure that the engine runs at an optimum level.

An efficient fuel injector saves fuel, reduces harmful emissions and gives better mileage

At several occasions, filthy injector clogs fuel injectors and create technical snags in the engine.

When your vehicle experience rough idle or engine misfire, or hard starting or lack of engine power or excessive fuel consumption, or excessive exhaust emissions, you must realize that fuel injector is not properly operating.

We use Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning procedure, to clean fuel injectors and put back your vehicle at optimum performance level.

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